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Sexual Assault

Criminal defense lawyer Attorney Randi Potash represented a client charged with assault and battery, indecent assault and battery, and assault with intent to rape. The accused and the alleged victim met through a dating service and she made accusations that landed man in jail. Attorney Potash was able to get him a reasonable bail so he could work and live his life while awaiting jury trial.

JURY VERDICT:  NOT GUILTY on all charges.


Criminal defense lawyer Randi Potash’s client was indicted for RAPE OF A CHILD. HE WAS FACING LIFE IN PRISON. The client was a young man who was dating a woman who had a child. The child allegedly had an injury consistent with sexual assault and the defendant was blamed. Attorney Potash was able to summons medical records and DNA results which proved to the jury that the stated injury and any sexual assault that could have occurred was unrelated to her client.



A high school boy was charged with indecent assault and battery based on reports from two girls. At age 18 he faced a life long obligation to register as a sex offender and being labeled a felon.  Attorney Potash was able to craft a solution whereby the charges are now dismissed and he has NO RECORD.


Her client was accused of lewd behavior for an episode reported by three woman. The accused man had considerable mental health issues and was not a citizen. He had a family and had been employed until his medication was discontinued. Attorney Potash hired a private investigator to interview the witnesses, she had her client obtain a new physician and begin an appropriate medical plan, and when the case was finally at the trial stage it was DISMISSED and the defendant avoided deportation and became well and able to support his family.

Attorney Potash was hired by an elderly grandfather and veteran who was unfortunately accused of sexually assaulting his granddaughter.  Client resided in an elderly housing complex and he would have been forced to live in a homeless shelter if convicted after trial and would likely have been sentenced to prison. Attorney Potash crafted a memorandum of law and convinced the court to waive the Sexual Offender Registry Board requirement and he avoided prison as well.

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