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Cape Cod Restraining Order Lawyer

Client rented a room to two woman he met on Craigslist. Accusations were made and the tenants got a restraining order against the man and then accused him of violating it. In came Criminal Defense Attorney Randi J. Potash, who investigated the matter and researched the relevant legal issues. On the trial date Attorney Potash’s motion and memorandum of law convinced the judge to throw out the case before the jury had a chance to evaluate it. The client avoided jail time and the result was CASE DISMISSED.


Girlfriend and boyfriend had a fight and girlfriend filed a motion to get a restraining order preventing him from coming near her or calling her with a penalty of 2.5 years in jail for any violation. The young man hired Attorney Randi J. Potash to attempt to prevent the order from issuing.  After an investigation and examination of evidence, Attorney Potash noted that the allegations she made were bogus. The result was the court DENIED THE ORDER.


Client was petrified of his own wife as she beat him regularly and verbally abused him and accused him of abusing her. After he was charged with crimes involving abuse he was innocent of, he hired Cape Cod Criminal Defense Attorney Randi J. Potash to get a restraining order on his wife as he filed for divorce. The court believed the husband as he had photos and gave convincing testimony as to the horrors that he and his children endured. The judge noted the wife’s angry demeanor and obvious mental health deficits and the result was ORDER ALLOWED for her client.


A woman accused her ex-boyfriend of violating a restraining order by sending her text messages and photos. The man hired Attorney Randi J. Potash to help him avoid the 2.5 year jail sentence if convicted. Attorney Potash conducted an investigation and examined the evidence noting that the messages alleged to have been sent by her client were crafted well before the order had been issued and in fact were not a violation. Attorney Potash filed a motion to dismiss and the result was CASE DISMISSED.

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