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Cape Cod Gun Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorney Randi J. Potash’s client was accused of possessing a sawed off shotgun based on a search of his basement without a warrant. Although the government claimed the case involved exigent circumstances, Attorney Potash’s MOTION TO SUPPRESS THE EVIDENCE based on an illegal search was ALLOWED by a superior court judge and the result was CASE DISMISSED.


The accused was a college student attending school on a basketball scholarship. He had been riding in a vehicle with several other friends. A motor vehicle stop resulted in a search of the trunk whereby the police found several firearms with scratched out serial numbers. All the occupants were charged with carrying a firearm without a license and faced mandatory jail time. Cape Cod Criminal Defense Attorney Randi J. Potash drafted a motion to dismiss along with a memorandum of law and affidavit and the gun court judge ALLOWED THE MOTION and the result was case DISMISSED.

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