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A lot of clients ask me to see about getting their

charges dropped. Some people just mean that they

want to be done with their case and have no appreciable

consequences. Others mean they want the government

to acknowledge that they are innocent and should not

have been charged in the first place. Many accused

persons believe that their alleged victim, or the

complaining witness, can just drop the case by just

calling the prosecutor’s office. It is safe to say that those

accused of crimes, whether they are felonies or

misdemeanors in Massachusetts fear going to jail, fear

losing their driver’s licenses, fear losing their housing,

their children and families, their jobs, their educational

opportunities and the myriad of other collateral

consequences of criminal convictions. It is scary and

the consensus among the defendants I have worked

with is to ask me to please make it stop –and please

make it go away.

There are a number of legal and ethical techniques

that are in the criminal defense lawyer’s arsenal of

talents. The more experienced your criminal defense

attorney is, the more respected she is, and the more

professional she acts, looks and appears all go a long

way to elevate and energize the available tactics and

defenses that are unique to your legal dilemma. It is an

art and a science to get your case dropped or better put,

beat your case with the least amount of collateral

consequences possible. I study the law daily and keep

up with all the rules and changes to assure that when a

client asks me to make it go away, I am equipped to do

all I can to make that happen. If the client isnn’t happy,

then I am not happy. For me, it is not about the money.

It is not about moving on to the next case with the least

amount of work and effort extended. It is about your

liberty and attaching my good name to your best


Call me for advise about your desire to beat your


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