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A lot of people charged with cases such as assault,

theft or restraining order violations think that their

cases are weak because it is just the accuser’s word

against their word and there is no real proof. If that

reasoning was true, the prisons and jails would be fairly

empty. That is because one person’s mere allegation, if

believed by a jury or in some cases just a judge, is more

than enough to land the accused in the slammer. The

best way to deal with a he said she said case is to hire

your own private criminal defense attorney who has the

education, training, background, experience, and

professionalism to fight for you. Do not go with a lawyer

who just dabbles in criminal defense because you can

get a good price. And, for goodness sake, do not make

the mistake of just accepting the lawyer the court

appoints you if you feel that he or she is too busy, too

detached, or just not experienced enough for your

particular needs. This is your life, your liberty and your

rights that are in jeopardy.

Take he said she said cases seriously. Court can be a

virtual war zone for the accused, and you may soon

realize that an experienced criminal defense attorney

has the weapons you need to fight your case efficiently

and effectively so that what you are saying is heard and

what the other person is saying is deemed absurd.

Call Attorney Randi Potash at 617.631.2591 and see

what she says.

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